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We raise opinions for "Yokohama area inclusion care plan - eighth Yokohama-shi elderly person health welfare program, The Long-term Care Insurance business plan, dementia measure promotion plan ..." draft!

Last update date October 16, 2020

Press release material

October 16, 2020

The Health and Social Welfare Bureau advanced age health welfare section

Taisuke Sato

Phone number 045-671-2355

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We devise this plan as general plan about health welfare work about elderly person and smooth conduct of nursing-care insurance system every three years. We devise as plan that 2025 and lump of earth Jr. generation that all the baby boom generation becomes 75 years or older fixes the eyes on 65 years or older and 2040 when it is and promotes welfare for the elderly measure.
We carry out public comment based on draft to hear opinions from citizen's all of you widely on devising the eighth plan.
(as for the implementation period from Friday, October 30 to Friday, December 4)

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The Health and Social Welfare Bureau advanced age Health and Welfare Department advanced age health welfare section

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Telephone: 045-671-3412

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