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On-site inspections of private inspection organizations

Final update date May 1, 2020

Press release

May 1, 2020

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Medical Safety Division

Makoto Ueda

Phone number: 045-671-3876

Fax: 045-663-7327

At a private laboratory in Yokohama city, there was an error in the judgment result of the new coronavirus PCR test, and despite the fact that it was originally "negative", the result was incorrect as "positive" to the medical institution or patient who requested the test I was telling you. In response to this, as a public health center responsible for the registered hygiene laboratory in Yokohama City, on-site inspections were conducted based on the law on clinical laboratory technicians. We judge that increasing the reliability of the PCR test is important for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and this time we will inform you of the information found as of today.

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Telephone: 045-671-3654

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