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The Life Insurance Association Kanagawa Prefecture Association presented a donation for child care support and social welfare.

Final update date March 26, 2021

Press release

March 26, 2021

Health and Social Welfare Bureau-General Affairs Division

Keiko Sakai

Phone number: 045-671-2362

Fax: 045-651-4739

The Life Insurance Association Kanagawa Prefecture Association donated to social welfare facilities and organizations (6 organizations) in Yokohama City.
The donation was raised by the association to employees of member companies to help manage social welfare facilities and organizations, and has been continued every year since 1983, and a total of 60.4 million by last year. We have you donate yen.
On March 22, 2021, the Life Insurance Association Kanagawa Prefectural Association Secretariat presented a letter of appreciation to the association.

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