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About leakage such as personal information included in house findings such as neighboring dwelling units with construction (former log Kanazawa dismantling construction) that Yokohama-shi carried out

Final update date March 11, 2021

Press release

March 11, 2021

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Regional Support Division

Toshiaki Torii

Phone number: 045-671-364040

Fax: 045-664-3622

In the process of the construction of a complex facility (*) on the site of the former Yokohama City Staff Welfare Association Dormitory (formerly Log Kanazawa), a report on a house survey conducted for demolition work prior to this (hereinafter referred to as the "House Survey Report") .) Was provided to the design company of the complex, even though it should not be provided, so personal information for 59 people was leaked.
We deeply apologize to the people concerned and will thoroughly prevent future recurrence.
※Construction of complex facilities…Private businesses take the initiative in developing special facilities for the elderly, community care plazas and community houses.

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Telephone: 045-671-4046

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