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Donate paintings to welfare facilities from the amateur painting club in Yokohama, Churchill Association Yokohama.

Final update date October 29, 2020

Press release

October 29, 2020

Health and Social Welfare Bureau-General Affairs Division

Keiko Sakai

Phone number: 045-671-2362

Fax: 045-664-4739

Churchill Association Yokohama, an amateur painting club in Yokohama, will donate a painting that is a member's work to a welfare facility in the city.
This has been implemented as part of the association's community service activities since 1996, and a total of 177 paintings have been donated to facilities for the disabled and facilities for the elderly by last year, and the lobby and corridors of each facility And so on. The facilities to be donated are currently being adjusted. (Determined around January 2021)
Therefore, we have you donate to Motoichi from Churchill society Yokohama as follows, and Mayor Health and Social Welfare Bureau as follows.

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Telephone: 045-671-2380

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