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About recruitment of users of Yokohama municipal graveyard, ossuary in 2020

Final update date July 9, 2020

Press release

July 9, 2020

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Environmental Facilities Division

Kotaro Handa

Phone number: 045-671-2450

Fax: 045-651-6753

Hino Komorebi ossuary (Hino Chuo, Konan-ku) and general tomb "Kuboyama Cemetery (Motokubo-cho, Nishi-ku)"
About "Mitsuzawa Cemetery (Mitsuzawa Kamimachi, Kanagawa-ku)" and "Hino Park Cemetery (Hino Chuo, Konan-ku)" Users
We are looking for a recruitment.
Hino Komorebi ossuary recruits "automatic transport type ossuary facility" and "funeral burial facility".
General burial ground recruits again about "grave ground" which is unused by return.

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Health and Social Welfare Bureau Health and Safety Department

Telephone: 045-671-2450

Telephone: 045-671-2450

Fax: 045-664-6753

Email address: [email protected]

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