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About calculation error of medical care premium for elder senior citizens

Final update date March 26, 2021

Press release

March 26, 2021

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Medical Aid Division

Shuichi Sato

Phone number: 045-671-3694

Fax: 045-664-0403

 Based on the income and taxation information of the municipal tax and prefectural tax, which is the basis of the calculation created by Motoichi, the Kanagawa Prefecture Senior Citizens' Medical and Wide Area Union (wide area association) has decided the latter-stage elderly medical insurance premium.
 When Motoichi created income and tax information, it was found that there was an error in how to import some tax information, and that an error occurred in the calculation of insurance premiums for 19 people in the Wide Area Union.

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Telephone: 045-671-2409

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