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Dragon of Fudo Shirane

Last update date December 27, 2018

Story of the time when the God of the Fire of Shirane was still surrounded by ponds in old days.

Fudo Shirane was not park like now. There was pond, and there was small Tsukiyama in the middle, and that was praising atmosphere such as garden of the beautiful Imperial Palace in old days.

There was business, and, to Shinto priest who lived in this Fudo Shirane once, brother of carpenter visited from Atsugi.

When we finished business and had a short rest with Shirane Bridge a little on the way back, we heard big sound that the said to with a rushing sound from under bridge. When we were surprised and saw bottom of bridge, big dragon made there a sound and was place that swam in clear stream of middle Horikawa towards Fudo Shirane.

When we thought questioningly and followed, in Shimizu that there was beside Fudo, we found water shield (the name of waterweed) and were gobbling up with great relish.

We were below middle Horikawa again, and dragon which had finished eating appeared to the sea through Katabira River and went up large Okagawa again and seemed to leave for Japanese yen sea mountain (Isogo Ward) of ho.

Dragon likes clear stream in this way from the old days and, looking for own favorite water shield, goes back and forth in Japanese yen sea mountain of Fudo Shirane and ho and is that we surprised passersby.

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