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Last update date December 27, 2018

Once upon a time around Suidobashi of Imajuku was thick grove of miscellaneous trees. If hidee wind would blow, we could rub tree and tree and made a weird sound and took. For loss, it is sokoniamisosuribambaga house ndottasettekotta.

We waved hair from dekkeesuri bowl kakaeteyoo, sanshonosurikogimotte, morning to evening, and, bambahanaa, revolt shitechaa gobiid gobiid seemed to have sette, miso hard every single day.

When children are about to come even a little to this neighborhood, "do not really stop by? We stop by hard hard and are breath." sette, thin kimiwarii smile floating kabechaa, call bitomerusettekotta.

Child domoraa via sonnawakedeyo, this neighborhood "was hard hard" and saateehen, sootto, bambanimitsukaraneeyo, footsteps reminded me and passed thing clever at sette sound.

"We do not seem to hail Kuwabara, Kuwabara, misosuribambaga!" Voice that bambato children murmur that we still go along that neighborhood is bun koerusettekottanaa ...

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