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Large snake of Dodani door (donoyato)

Last update date December 27, 2018

House called oilman seemed to have my mother in a childhood in old days next to house of Gotanda of Shimokawai.
It became already big road, and traffic of car has become just intense. Name dakyaa of bridge, five bridge are called; and zan ttoru.

We performed that son of this oilman got fat as always to river once and washed pail. This river was brook in the upper reaches of Katabira River. "saate, donoatarinishibeeka" ttende, it is said that see incidentally; log is to tteirujaneeka in river. "That! There do not be good thing. When get fat, and wash pail, and this seems to wash jab jab on ttende, the top of the log, log is fee! We seemed to move this.

We got fat, and son who surpassed astonishment threw out pail and seemed to jump off log in a hurry. We seemed to have a feeling that it was picked some straight attakeemonni fuu and breath immediately. naan and bridge and log which we thought and got on seemed to be large snakes when they did so.

Old person often went…. We are sick, and we cook, and, as for sugunyaa life, obtaining would not appreciate it if it is picked breath with large snake suddenly for a long time tori rarenaikendo….

To pond of Dodani door in immediate this side of Chogenji, the trace seemed to continue when we left mark with so as it had suu and the back that we walked when we released log gainakunatchatandee, astonishment as soon as it was revealed that it was large snake that son of oilman moved fi te by loss and it hit and looked around.

Huh, sorekkaratchumonono, son of oilman went to bed and seemed to fall asleep for a long time. sonoatodewakattakotodagaa, this large snake seemed to be large snakes of Oike of Rokukakubashi.

In the old days, Benten waits for teegeeno pond nia, snake because it is…. Benten did not seem to enshrine pond of this Dodani door in pond of Rokukakubashi either.

We obtained when we did mischief, and, for loss, this large snake was told itsumoittarikitarishichaa, person from pond of Rokukakubashi to pond of Dodani door by my mother.

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