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Hill and others whom yakuza brought

Last update date December 27, 2018

Useless things called "we serve if we fall boss family" are taisohabaokikaseteimashita in old days, Motoshuku.

It is that it was good boss of this quite good energy that we serve if we fall, and boss has approximately 20 followers.

Followers vigorous in those days are foot onobashitehakenkaooppajimetasonandesu for satisfaction only by fight of only in this Motoshuku to sand borer, the beach. Of course it was secret for boss….

However, the sign remains by all means after unfortunately having quarrelled. We cannot cover that earthworm of dombukure comes out to da ttaritataitaride, upper arm and covers nadogadeki with stick.

Therefore what we hit on is to let favorite Hill of blood breathe this dombukure.

We touched leech in hand and came back while letting leeches which were in rice field of there and thereabouts breathe blood when followers were about to come until the current Tennocho hit. We threw away leeches which breathed blood in brook which flowed from Oike when we just came to the Minamihonjyuku area and, in front of boss, nothing looked that there was not and finished.

Leeches thrown away in brook rose in river because we often went for quarrel soon toward the beach and came to settle down in Oike.

People were the disposal to look puzzled why Hill who did not have one came to live in this Oike so far.

In addition, the times change, and American crawfish which came over this time from the United States comes to live in Oike and is that leech which yakuza brought has been all eaten by crawfish which came over from the United States.

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