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Raincoat of Oike

Last update date December 26, 2018

Around the end of the Meiji era, it is story that kappa lived in to Oike of Motoshuku.
This Asahi Ward that we lived did not have Ichizawa, capital Oka, only three elementary schools of Futamatagawa in the Meiji era. Therefore children went over mountain distantly and crossed valley and went to school.

There were one, Futamatagawa Elementary School to Futamatagawa agricultural cooperative. Children went to school in nature of the four season and enjoyed journey of going and returning in those days.

It was particularly one of the play that it was at all a pleasure to swim in Oike in Motoshuku nearby when it was summer. Therefore we were always scolded by parents when we made a detour and stopped at Oike without returning straight from school to house when summer came in the children who lived in Motoshuku.

It was a certain summer, and, in the children of school return, consultation was gathered up to drop in on Oike, and we got together in secret, and pond ppuchimade came. Therefore we threw school things without regret rushingly and while we took off clothes, we regretted and jumped in water.

However, one of the inside never came out from water. Then we stood for a while, and child that imaginary anus-ball (buttocks echo) was pulled to raincoat by Oike appeared.

Thereafter, as for people in this neighborhood, kappa lived in Oike and dragged child in water, and rumor to pull imaginary anus-ball came to spread.

※Imaginary anus-ball…Ball that it was imagined that it was in anal mouth

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