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Large snake (large snake which became right in two) of Tando, Koga (fukkayato) 1

Last update date December 27, 2018

It was lined with Asahi pool or big buildings now, and neighborhood that reached Shirane from Nishiya along Route 1 was maintained in excellent town, but, in the old days, this neighborhood was very, very terrible place where people did not come near to even at noon. And this mountain is called harvest festival mountain, loser of mountain these as for the people for Kawashima, Nishitani-muraTando, KogaThey called (fukkayato), and people for capital Okamura Shirane chewed Hell Valley, and they called tick. In addition, people who lived in Araishinden (Niimachi, Hodogaya-ku) of Niihari village called this neighborhood Tando of boundary. In the old days when the convenience to transportation did not develop, there were a lot of hitotsutokorono names in this way, too.

As this Tando was dark terrible Tando among the deep mountains, we warned each other when people of village must not approach. Nonetheless, for life, there were people who must enter this mountain for work. This is story in the days of 1764 (Meiwa 1).

Two people were the feet of this harvest festival mountain all together, and couple of woodcutter was doing speculation as always. As one step was settled down to work, well, the missus went out to have even lunch to cross water to Shimizu nearby.

However, we wait, but wait, but the missus does not come home. Noon already passes, too and does not return yet even if positive begins to decline. Husband whom we worried about very much when we might have had lost our way in deep mountain went out where he would go to to draw water to look for frow.

Thing which moved for an instant from between the trees was seen when we walked about for frow in mountain. When you might approach and considered what it was, that terrible which we had not seen was big large snake so far. And it is face of cloth with recognition that appeared for an instant in mouth of the large snake. "A! Possibly that is obi of our guy…." Beating of chest stopped almost, too, but, after all, was so. The missus realized that it was crowded only to large snake and woodcutter who very grieved savored regrets and came back to house once.

And we told this regrettable thought to people of village promptly and did harm da chino consultation. We learned of person called expert of gun living in this Kawashima at the moment and asked lucky thing for harm da chio of frow. The name of the person was people called chihei in Sagami country Ogino-mura (Atsugi-shi).

meishuchihei of gun was about to be over large snake for extermination to hear wish of husband of woodcutter to person re, harvest festival mountain. In heap of big big brushwood which followed, we searched for nikkuki large snake for days for days, but large snake was not readily found. And we came over how many days it was. When we thought that it was what or was by different method as chihei just walked about as before and was not able to find large snake and were about to come to water Exit neighborhood of waterfall in grove of miscellaneous trees, we hit to climb high place, and to look for. Therefore we climbed big aged tree near sinus and took down to see hit. Then the waist was two shakus (about 60 centimeters) near the under a tree, and it was found that large snake that length was possible approximately about two ken and a half (50 centimeters of about 4 meters) wound up coil.

"A! We were, we were! At last we found! It is kononikkuki large snake! Was crowded and, with wish of husband who grieved, fired bullet of matchlock which we held in hand at large snake saying receive bullet of chihei. But even if large snake like this monster catches one bullet; of anything, do not do an inch. Go toward sonoageku, chihei, and open big mouth; and fighting back shitekurujaarimasenka. chihei was brave, and "koredemoka, koredemoka!" and several fired matchlock at large snake without being defeated by that.

When we were drenched with sweat and killed large snake, chihei came to gasp for breath already. Well, stopped to have stopped root of breath of large snake, but cannot do anything for the carcass to excessive size, tohonikureteshimaimashita.

chihei which went down mountain once told that they exterminated large snake to people of village and asked people of village to live in near for help, and trunk and head, true ni tsuni limit did the big body by saw. And the long body carried to Tando of the boundary nearby, and laid and planted pine of one in mark and did here with wife of chief zen-priest mound.

And, on the other hand, we ordered head from many carriers and pulled to Kawashima where chihei lived in on low cart (small thing of large cart) and filled up in under a tree of zelkova. To house of Mimura close to Kawashima Elementary School of Nishiya, there is tree of this zelkova, and there is small small shrine which looked timeworn in the under a tree and is worshiped in this now. It was that this small shrine was rebuilt newly in the Showa era.

Well, body hatoiuto ... which was buried in Tando of boundary. It was thing in the days of the beginning of Taisho. Mother of Taro Suzuki who was owner of wife of chief zen-priest mound devoted herself to exaggerated devotion.

Therefore we asked Taro and had you build big wife of chief zen-priest temple here in April, 1920 to hold a service for the soul of large snake and we stayed at temple day and night and began prayer. Reputation to include benefit began to rise in this prayer, and, on April 28, September 28 and two times a year of Buddhist memorial services came to be performed, and we heard reputation from neighboring villages neighboring villages, and was accompanied, and people of prayer came to visit the distance from the area of Chigasaki.

There is no group in people, and this person native alone ground which does not go does city for wife of chief zen-priest mound, and there still remains in gossip as subject of conversation of aged people as for, being full till then.

However, without person visiting this wife of chief zen-priest mound now direct; pass, and pine for the second generation is planted to 5 or 6 meters on the big mound whether there will be, and story is lonelily nonizawaio in former times.

Story of this wife of chief zen-priest mound was conveyed by people who lived in Niimachi, Hodogaya-ku.

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