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Story of couple (meoto) Inari

Last update date December 27, 2018

There is Inari of red small small shrine (small shrine) in Tsurugaminehoncho. In the old days, person called Goro Matsu lived here.

It is story in the days of young man of Goro Matsu. Young people at the time were not to TV like now either, and there was not car, too. Waiting for it to be night after finishing field work at noon, and gathering friends for signal by finger whistle, and playing around in neighboring villages neighboring villages of the one and only was a pleasure.

One day Goro Matsu went for play at night as always. And it was way back that broke up with friend.

We heard sound called "bochan!" when we came to near the house. It was sound that anything fell into in well of house called by name called "six mounds" somehow in the old days. However, we were tired of playing and it was too much hassle and has just slept in the evening.

After all, we were worried about sound last night and peeped out in well when we got up in the morning. Then white thing seemed to float something or other in well. When we investigated with long stick and scooped, that was the body of white fox. Goro Matsu "is naan. We did not mind so much, and this has just forgotten was it fox?.

Then mysterious events came to happen in sequence in thing, this village. That came to lose wife that people close by were young. That's why widowers increased one after another.

Therefore people of village said, "surely some kind of curses are not different koryaa." and were made a fuss. People of village will say as a result of consultation together to have we ask, and faith curer see.

When faith curer began prayer, ghost stood there. The ghost looks sad, "I am shu rigitsunedesu of Inari of Tsurugamine. We served this village hard, but were a certain time so far. As Mr. and Mrs. us was evening when the moon was very beautiful, we were playing on the spree in month. Human man jumped there suddenly. bikkurigyotenshitawatakushiha fell by mistake in well and has died. In me who left beloved husband, and died lonelily, he/she never noticed. That's why we did various mischief to appeal to people of village for my this sorrow. It was really bad to have taken young woman of this village in sequence. Still people of village do not understand my heart yet. I I…We think to bear a grudge against people of this village…In spite of being to crying, we talked about thought of chest.

Goro Matsu who heard this noticed suddenly. "It was so, was white fox of then so? We grieved over own apathy utterly saying we have done poor thing and buried ghost of woman fox carefully and prayed for entering Nirvana.

Then it means that thing, ominous event of this village have stopped suddenly.

Well, there is Katabira River across the mountains of this Tsurugamine. Village called lower Imajuku was in the opposite thick forest. It is called Imagawa-cho now.

After all, small Inari is enshrined in this Futamatagawa Murashita Imajuku. Defense fox of this Inari seems to be husband fox which lost wife.

When it was the old days, night, we seemed to hear crying that woman fox of Tsurugamine and man fox of lower Imajuku sandwiched Katabira River and called each other "corn, corn." lonelily. You stand on the ward office wakino bridge, and listen carefully well. We may hear sad crying of foxes which love each other in that mountain and this mountain, and call.

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