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Story that was bewitched by fox

Last update date December 27, 2018

House still had few swamps of this city, and, at the beginning of the Showa era, that was covered to trees in desolate place.

There was house of name called Miyashita to village shrine of swamp of city, Kumano Shrine.

When person of the house gets sick once and has doctor see, "it is cured early when we touch nourishment. It was said, feed Gullah of chicken. Therefore father went to buy Gullah of chicken for sick person.

When we hung Gullah and happened to pass by around the service station which there was now of Yotsutsuji, beautiful daughter walked the front. As daughter who went the front was too beautiful, father stuck after the just daughter and has walked. While we were absentminded and admired the back figure and walked, we have fallen down with any kaniketsumazuite, stean. Gullah of chicken which we just bought for time that fell down now has been lifted by someone.

We came back to house and talked about all the details and confided that Gullah of chicken had been taken. Then he/she believed with who nobody as it was said, "there is not such a thing.".

As young men of Uchida of Sakurayashiki that heard this story were vigorous young people, "we quitted and went out to buy Gullah of chicken on bicycle on the next day when we put on ko ttekurubee and 1st so that I bought loss this time!".

When we happened to pass by the way back, the hit in question and were going to go down slope by bicycle, bicycle tripped on anything this time and was thrown out together with the Gullah of chicken and, also, has had Gullah of chicken stolen.

It means that some people going this neighborhood were bewitched by fox in this way. Therefore when people in village of swamp of city were about to come to this neighborhood, we grasped meat and fish which we bought by all means in hand well and walked carefully so that we were not bewitched by fox.

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