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Fox which changed itself into manservant

Last update date December 27, 2018

This is story in the days of the end of the Meiji era.

There was house of very old great village headman called great Takahashi in village of Shirane from generation to generation.

There was word relating to the previous verse of village in temple called *koji (breakdown maggot) (Midori Ward) of Enoki bottom (we obtained and expanded) once and was way back from there. As it is about time when motley crew from the evening was over, already the area pitch-darkness saw.

After just leaving for one, home, and walking without attendant being with way in mountain, thing which seems to be something or other light approaches the great master of great Takahashi from before. yooku seems to be lantern with family coat of arms of own house somehow when we see.

"Did a, who come for meeting anxiously?" When we think so and see well again, we do not remember face of manservant-style man with lantern.

Wealthy supporter of a Buddhist temple "is strange? That crest is surely crest of house…. Well! This neighborhood is place that it is said that fox appears well and takes. Possibly…. Precaution! We murmured precaution in heart.

And on seeing one approaching forward own in daikatsuna the man "came to pick up O well. It was difficulty. As I returned after having a short rest a little here, it was said, you returned without regard to me earlier, and send and has let the man leave.

Wealthy supporter of a Buddhist temple took cigarette out of the breast after making sure of man having left and set fire.

Then the surface of the water of Oike appeared through night veil shiningly, and place that we thought to be in mountain came out so far.

"Oh, was it pond tsu edge of Oike here? Is dangerous, is dangerous. It was going to be almost pulled in water. After all, it is just what old person says. When fox escaped, we obtained, and story was true when we added ka kasaretatokinia, fire i of cigarette to fox…."

Wealthy supporter of a Buddhist temple of great Takahashi who was calm and composed in momentary place was able to arrive at home safely in this way.

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