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Large snake (large snake which became right in two) of Tando, Koga (fukkayato) 2

Last update date December 27, 2018

We divide whether you talk and, in Kawashima, Nishitani-mura minute when head is worshiped, remain in form that the same story was different in a little again.

It is story of wife of chief zen-priest mound conveyed by people of Kawashima, Nishitani-mura enshrined head this time.

Around the beginning of Taisho, Jinushi of place with wife of chief zen-priest mound was called by name called oilman. At this Aburaya, there are a lot of brothers, and one of the inside is that it was the exaggerated prodigal son.

Almost every day to mother "give me money! When it was said, give me money, we pestered for money of house and played around.

Sister-in-law who went to Isezakicho for shopping once found when this brother walked plastic plastic with two and came back to house and talked about this story to the master. Sir, we scolded younger brother who came back to house very in anger severely. Then younger brother did not come back for days with having left pui and house, and destination did not become known.

We searched here and there, but do not have an idea where mother whom we worried about has gone. It was a certain night when we talked how many days. The following dream stood to mother.

"It is called jakubo (jakubo) of land of this house, and there is wife of chief zen-priest mound. Ghost of large snake is sleeping there. We had west village headman ordered this large snake from hunter called ogiyamurachihei and exterminate. The body should be filled there up. As make to small shrine, and bury carefully and is worshiped at village headman who made up for brain, the body grieves, and memorial service oshitemoraitaigatamenotataridearu. Therefore destination of son has done not become known. We hold a service, and son come home early."

Aburaya builds big wife of chief zen-priest temple, and, konootsugegaattekara, legend that after holding a service for the soul of large snake, son came home remains promptly.

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