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Fox which changed itself into noodle shop

Last update date December 27, 2018

When the town of Tsurugamine was still field and field, people of this neighborhood whole area assumed sericulture work of cash income.

City Goro three generations of Toku Aoki eight living in Tsurugaminehoncho ago still of work of sericulture when it was unusual, learned technique of sericulture from of Gunma, and, to of not only Tsurugamine but also the next Shinji village (Midori Ward), walked method of sericulture to tell.

It was way back where we went to to tell Niihari village as always once. We put fish given for souvenir from people in village in the breast and pulled Nakayama and approached mountain (Shiranecho) of wariyo better (we break and leave over) of loser of capital Okamura.

In Mt. this wariyo mashino, flower (flower of Raphanus sativus) of a lot of mountains nawashiro was planted. In villages, we planted flower of nawashiro in field and used as manure of field in those days. It became near the nightfall and, as for city Goro, flower of nawashiro pushed footpath between rice fields in full glory approximately human length highly aside and walked. Moonlight lighted up white flowers big in thin yamino, and mysterious atmosphere has begun to drift in that.

City Goro has not ever gone along this way after dark. Therefore we intended to walk carefully, but seemed to have lost our way somehow. Looking for way which returned to home, we walked about absorbedly in nawashiro. Mind decreases soon, and is tired; do, and walk something or other in deep river; wandered in the area, and walked while feeling, and "deep, getting O, and deep, getting O!", and murmuring to, soliloquy bleatingly.

Still we reach slope of mountain pass at long last and we think, "we do not change if we go down this slope if we go to Tsurugamine soon." and feel temporarily relieved. While we took a short break for waist on the stone of the roadside a little, we have begun doze in a drowse carelessly.

Then I felt we became spirited with po, and the area woke up incidentally something or other. Tea house was in what we were surprised at in front and was light of the shop.

"Is it that? It is tea house gaa here…? Also, the steam that seems to be warm and appetizing smell drift. This is fairy godmother. We do not become known whether you can get any food either." City Goro passed through "udon" and noren to be written on with great glee.

Then beautiful young daughter came out of the depths of shop. City Goro in daughter of teahouse "udon, itcho! One which tongue burns saying is, called out unintentionally. The daughter was free and we could enter a good bowl and held out only udon of the steam in silence.

City Goro "can fill up! We could fill up and had a refill of to several cups and have eaten up udon. City Goro who became full completely got conventional fatigue and became vigorous.

And several times thanked daughter of teahouse of mountain pass, too and went down mountain path. And it has been already morning when we arrived at house of Tsurugamine.

We went home and told person of house that we had lost our way and were going to take fish of souvenir which we got from Shinji village. Then thing which came out of breast was earthworm which was totally different from fish.

City Goro who was surprised "is hate? Fish has become earthworm! Well. After all, there should be tea house in such a place, but can sleep! We obtained with sputum too on an empty stomach, and we have been bewitched by fox. We were very frustrated was it flat ragetanoa, earthworm which boiled over if we thought that it was udon?.

In this way, as for the person called city Goro, several times seemed to have possibilities to be bewitched afterwards by fox, too.

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