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Folktale of Asahi Ward

The source: Asahi Ward local history publication Committee (1980) "Asahi Ward local history"

Last update date June 17, 2019

Raincoat of Oike

Around the end of the Meiji era, it is story that kappa lived in to Oike of Motoshuku.

Fox which changed itself into noodle shop

The town of Tsurugamine is story of the time that was still field and field.

Fox which changed itself into manservant

This is story in the days of the end of the Meiji era.

Story that was bewitched by fox

It is story in swamp of city of the beginning of the Showa era.

Couple(meoto) story of Inari

Small sana which is red in TsurugaminehonchoSmall shrineThere is Inari of (small shrine). In the old days, person called Goro Matsu lived here.
It is story in the days of young man of Goro Matsu.

Picture which we wrote of raccoon dog

In Kawai of Tsuokacho, way called Nakahara street went in old days.
... which there was Tokaido for major road which reached to Edo, but was got close to to people in those days as way where Nakahara street was also connected to Edo.

Hill and others whom yakuza brought

Called "serve if fall the boss family" which was in Motoshuku in old days is story of yakuza things.

Dodani doorLarge snake of (donoyato)

There seemed to be house called oilman in old days next to house of Gotanda of Shimokawai.
It is story of that time.

Tando, KogaLarge snake (large snake which became right in two) of (fukkayato) 1

... which was lined with Asahi pool or big buildings now, and neighborhood that reached Shirane from Nishiya along Route 1 was maintained in excellent town, but was very, very terrible place where people did not come near to this neighborhood even at noon in the old days.

Large snake (large snake which became right in two) of Tando, Koga (fukkayato) 2

We do by continuance of large snake of Tando, Koga (fukkayato).

Virtue right Emon and badger

As for tokumigieimon sanchute, 90 years old, brothers of grandfather of my mother seemed to have grandfather who lived long.
Place where my mother was small was good, and tokumigieimon grandfather seemed to still tell story of badger.
It is story of the still young time of tokumigieimon grandfather, ...

Dragon of Fudo Shirane

It is story of the time when the God of the Fire of Shirane was still surrounded by ponds in the old days.


Once upon a time around Suidobashi of Imajuku was thick grove of miscellaneous trees.
If hidee wind would blow, we could rub tree and tree and made a weird sound and took.
For loss, it is sokoniamisosuribambaga house ndottasettekotta ...

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