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Virtue right Emon and badger

Last update date December 27, 2018

As for tokumigieimon sanchute, 90 years old, brothers of grandfather of my mother seemed to have grandfather who lived long.

Place where my mother was small was good, and tokumigieimon grandfather seemed to still tell story of badger. It is story of the still young time of tokumigieimon grandfather.

Person of house is tap gasuruda tap-tap tap-tap at shinsei marukoronnaruto, doorway. For loss from shibbarakusuruto, the outdoors "virtue right Emon! We get virtue right Emon and hear voice.

When people come this late at night, and ruwakeganeettende, cheeks put now at the time, also, it is break-even at doorway! Tap-tap! Virtue right Emon! Virtue right Emon! Hey, we seemed to hear clearly.

When die, and gave an answer that will be anyone at this night while doubting at all, but return cannot sleep; ...

When it is akuru evening for loss, also, it is break-even at doorway! Tap-tap! I hear a sound swatting, and virtue right Emon! Virtue right Emon! We get this and hear voice to call for.

As for the evening to go, such an evening seemed to last, as call shimainia too much, get, and get when get up quietly, is karanozeetemiruteto, naanto, doorway ntokoroni, old dekkeemujinagatattetada between doorway. For loss large; obtain; tataitorutokorodattasoda about the same in point of tail.

Virtue right Emon does it this way and we are deceived by badger and are story every night even if woken up.

Badger is story that person odamasutchu talk happens quite often, but, in any badgers, reason to deceive people cannot sleep. We finish will-o'-the-wisp, and only old badger which stood for years does not deceive young enoha, person.

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