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Picture which we wrote of raccoon dog

Last update date December 27, 2018

In Kawai of Tsuokacho, way called Nakahara street went in old days.

There was Tokaido for major road which reached to Edo, but was got close to people in those days as way where Nakahara street was also connected to Edo.

When, place where this Nakahara street approaches Shimokawai, it is said now, of Shimokawai of Hodogaya Bypass hit, but is story of picture of hanging scroll reaching thes of Sakurai built among fields at both sides.

In the Edo era, house of Sakurai was called by name called "yasashi" and was village headman of Shimokawai-mura where permission to have a surname and wear a sword of kihonkuraringorohidarieimonhaishita was permitted. In addition, we had one character of forest of Kurabayashi and introduced ourselves as rini.

In this house facing the way of way, it was nightfall and was that there were not few travelers seeking crash pad.

Day goes down to the full and hears sound to bang on Odo of house when hit became lonely.

The master of house sent person of house to saying "person whom accommodation was able to warm found light of this house, and becoming dull do not ask for crash pad again.".

Then, in front of doorway, Buddhist priest of trip in worn out batter stood still in dusk. Is really exhausted state, when "is about to come to around this house, go down to the full on day, and lose an inch ahead, and have trouble. There is for very impudent request, would you lend crash pad?…. We relied as dokonatokekkoudegozaimasuga to the family carefully if we could protect ourselves from the weather.

As for the master of this house which knew this, it was said, "that let state to very have a problem stayed relaxedly and play in that." and invited in house.

Therefore it fell down to inner room after we treated Buddhist priest of exhausted trip carefully and carried low dining table of dinner (yuuge) and it was said to be absent slowly and put.

One evening began, and the next morning came over. When we were worried "was gentleman last night able to take a rest slowly?" and the master sent to the family to watch the state, there was not already there figure of Buddhist priest of trip, and one piece of memo and hanging scroll was just placed on the floor that was able to furl properly.

When the master opens the paper hastily, and read, in spite of "sudden visit, receive pleasant hospitality, and thank. Unfortunately, there is not money in hand of will, too. It was written, we leave one piece of picture as thanks for goodwill. Mysterious picture design was finished writing to sumi marks bruise something or other when we opened the hanging scroll promptly. It was like monster when we saw well what picture it was, and signature and seal (rakkan) which we modelled on footprint of beast below axis was pushed.

All the people of house to see this were surprised and appeared to door front and looked for monk of trip, but there was not the already figure, and one, two just remained thing which seemed to be footprint of raccoon dog in soil of morning dew of the area subtly.

Then hanging scroll of the Sakurais came to call reputation of people of village as "picture which we wrote of raccoon dog which changed itself into Buddhist priest of trip" without from thing, whom, and rumor called rumor and spread out.

This rumor got out to around Kawasaki distantly later. Then, after all, rumor that hanging scroll of pushed book of signature and seal like footprint of beast was left for stood in place with Kawasaki.

Kawasaki is route of Nakahara street. Therefore, as for the people, raccoon dog which changed itself into Buddhist priest of trip conveys rumor that would leave book and picture in journey, course from Edo, but there is not book of Kawasaki, and it is only hanging scroll in the Sakurais that remains.

In the Edo era, there are many travelers who became freeloader of several months in this way in the Sakurais other than 1 night and, in so utame, corner of graveyard of Fukusen-ji Temple, cut off stone pagoda as unattended soul and seem to hold a service for the soul of these people for a long time among them probably because tsuinosumikatonatteshimatta person is without the name becoming known with what anyone.

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