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Mount Takao

Last update date January 11, 2019

Mount Takao (registration number 012)

Mount Takao

Mount Takao which it is in the Nagatsuta crossroads Residents' Association of the Midori Ward westernmost tip, and is the most of high altitudes in ward. Altitude is 100.46m.
God "Iizuna (izuna) Shinto shrine" of sericulture is enshrined on the mountaintop, and festival is practiced by parishioner of local Neighborhood Association every year in the beginning of April.
First-class triangulation point that became the origin made with Japanese map in 1882 (Meiji 15) is placed and is place where view of Oyama, Tanzawa, Fuji, Hakone, the Chichibu area is fantastic.
In addition, it is in place where the archeology top is valuable as the ground enclosing remains in the close in Jomon period said that there are extremely few western graded lands in city limits.

Mount Takao
▲Mount Takao

Mount Takao (triangulation point)
▲First-class triangulation point

Mount Takao (Iizuna Shrine)
▲Iizuna (izuna) Shinto shrine

Mount Takao (time of cherry blossoms)
▲Seasonal Mount Takao of cherry blossoms

Iizuna Shrine (time of cherry blossoms)
▲Iizuna (izuna) Shinto shrine of cherry blossoms full bloom

The location

5617, Nagatsutacho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi
Mount Takao map
[bus route]
From JR Yokohama Line/Tokyu Denentoshi Line Nagatsuta Station (the south exit)
From Tokyu Denentoshi Line Minami-Machida Station (the north exit)

■shinnachu bus [Tsu 1 system] ride, bus stop "high Ohara" drop off walk ten minutes

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