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About environmental conservation type agriculture impeller recognition system

Last update date January 25, 2019

In Yokohama-shi, we authorized scholar of agriculture to work on environmental conservation type agriculture from 2004 and started system to support.
It carries out workshop or class, and, targeting at authorized people, it gives information, and the spread enlarges approach to environmental conservation type agriculture, and citizen's, it publicizes, and it says with aim of system to have you deepen urban agriculture and understanding to the city farm products.

1. The results of authorization

247 (as of the end of March, 2017)

2. Requirements of authorization

Person of agriculture that I am in all of next 1-5 with tori phosphorus or am going to work on in future.
But we become a target of authorization if there are any intention to work even on three in 1-5 (required as for 4-5) in the authorized early days.

Flow of procedure

We make soil which had application of 1 compost.
We introduce technique to decrease use of 2 chemical fertilizers.
We introduce technique to decrease use of 3 chemical synthesis pesticides.
We try for reuse of 4 resources and energy saving and reduce load to environment.
We register contents of 5 approaches.

3. Main assistance measures

・Reporting (holding such as workshops) about environmental conservation type agriculture
・It is distribution of displaying business such as direct sale places
・We authorize as scholar of Yokohama model leading figure agriculture and are carrying out support for management improvement. (green up plan)

4. Inquiry counter

・About general things such as systems
City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau agriculture promotion section leading figure support charge telephone 711-0638, FAX721-6356
・Which lives in Kohoku, green, green leaves, Tsuzuki, Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Asahi Ward
Agricultural administration office telephone 948-2482, FAX948-2488 in northern Yokohama-shi
・Which lives in the south, Konan, Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka, Sakae, spring, Seya Ward
Telephone 866-8494, FAX862-4351 in agricultural administration office in southern Yokohama-shi

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Telephone: 045-671-2637

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