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Scholar of authorized agriculture system

Last update date January 17, 2019

Purpose of system

We are superior in management sense, and city authorizes person of agriculture to aim at becoming stable farming body as will and capable leading figure, and this system is intended that upbringing finds.
Effect to become able to choose agriculture as attractive occupation is anticipated by progress of urbanization while agriculture, farmland decreases.

Structure of system

When it is admitted that it is suitable in light of basic plan that city devised, based on farming base reinforcement promotion law, contents of "farming improvement plan" that person of agriculture oneself makes to aim at effective and stable farming (management target five years later) authorize the plan and are system supporting that is necessary for realization of plan.

Eligible people of authorization

If it is scholar of agriculture that is going to work on improvement of own farming eagerly, even anyone becomes a target of authorization regardless of big things and small things, farming type, organization form, sex of management scale.

Assistance measures to scholar of authorized agriculture

  1. We can receive support of scale expansion, the use accumulation of farmland with precedence.
  2. Financing facility which is multipurpose long term, low interest is available.
    (when we use Yokohama urban agriculture promotion fund, we add interest supply)
  3. We can receive consultation and workshop about management improvement depending on needs.
  4. We become a target of support of supporting business "management improvement support project" of Yokohama-shi.
    (object: less than 50% of assistance rates, amount of upper limit 500,000 yen. The purchase expenses such as facility material for machine, facilities, production for agriculture. But within the budget of the year we save, and the amount of upper limit may change.)

The number of the scholars of authorized agriculture

As of April 1, 2019
275 management bodies

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