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About the preparation to damage prevention such as pipe houses accompanied with typhoon approach

Last update date January 24, 2020

In late years much agriculture damage occurs by large-scale typhoon in Yokohama-shi and have a big influence on farming of scholars of agriculture. We know with having been already taken enough measures, but we confirm about measures, correspondence at the time of typhoon approach some other time and ask you.
In addition, you act to having top priority, and, at rainstorm, abnormal flood, please act as human life for prevention of secondary disaster.

Prior measures

  1. You install reinforcement material in the side, wife side, roof materials, and please perform structure reinforcement. In addition, there are not corrosion and rust or checks whether clasps do not have the slack, and please perform necessary repair.
  2. Please perform tidying up and cleaning around the house to prevent the damage by missile. Fuel tank or gas cylinder are fixed well, or please check.
  3. Please perform check or necessary repair to prevent damage by having a thing recorded of wind in house by damage of covering material or detachment, damage of doorway of house. Please check carefully on this occasion as eaves, ridge, wife side neighborhood of house comes to have a big wind velocity change partially.
  4. Please try for decompression with ventilation fan that covering material bulges by difference of atmospheric pressure inside and outside the room at the time of strong wind and might be scattered. In addition, please remove covering material when you are in danger of collapse.

Measures for damage extended prevention

  1. After passing typhoon, you check each house part, and please close bolts of structure body again.
  2. You check material such as covering material and prop, insecticide net, and please confirm the operation situation immediately when there are environmental control unit and supplementary light facilities concerned.
  3. After passing typhoon, temperature soars by strong sunlight, and please operate ventilation immediately because you are easy to produce high temperature disorder. When blackout is accompanied, please take measures by manual operation or the operation of emergency power source.

Warehouse others for agriculture

I would like typhoon measures equally about facility (warehouses) for agriculture.

Record (photography) of agriculture damage

When serious agriculture damage occurs, support project for scholars of damaged agriculture may be exercised by meteorological disaster more than assumptions such as large-scale typhoons. As photograph that it is revealed is necessary, photograph which the facility situation before damage understands when utilization is hoped for when support project was exercised, the damage situation after damage, please record state of facility before damage.
When damage occurs to facility and farm products for agriculture by natural disasters such as typhoons, record and preservation with photographs, please to know facility or point, size that we suffered from.

  1. Please know the shooting date.
    • When you confirm whether setting is set definitely on dates such as digital cameras and slip off, please repair at the time on the right date and time.
    • You write in on date, and please set cases such as digital cameras with function to copy into image.
    • You write in on date, and let drawing paper that the first piece listed print part and the date on date of newspaper of shooting come out when there is not function.
  2. Please photograph whole view (the whole photograph) of machine for facility and agriculture that you suffered from and place of concrete damage.
    • Please photograph photograph which targets for comparison such as people entered to know a feeling of overall scale.
    • When it becomes mosaic (patch photograph) without whole view finishing being settled, please find overlapped position.
  3. When you photograph place of concrete damage, please perform shooting in background, shooting in close view which (2) size attached measure and vernier calipers to so that it is revealed with set so that it is revealed which overall position (1) damage point is at.
    • When you photograph close view, you are careful about focuses of focus, and allow number to make out.
    • For interval between the arch pipes and interval between the props, please photograph diameters of pipe in particular.

Contact to city

Please contact agricultural administration office having jurisdiction over area to live when there are damage to facility for agriculture such as the damage of facility and damage for product by meteorological disaster such as typhoons. We report the damage situation in the city in report, Kanagawa in Yokohama-shi.

Agriculture mutual aid

When the damage occurs in the crops, domestic animal, gardening facility by natural disasters, agriculture mutual aid is public insurance regime that money of mutual aid is paid to. Because it is limited when serious meteorological disaster unprecedented in past occurred, special measures except agriculture mutual aid will join agriculture mutual aid as basic anti-disaster measures.
Agriculturist carried out intends for blue return from January, 2019, and "income insurance" to make up for income decrease targeting at all farm products begins and can perform various estimates on homepage of NOSAI Kanagawa, too.

Contact information of agriculture mutual aid

Please refer to NOSAI East Kanagawa branch for the details about agriculture mutual aid and income insurance regime.

Reference, contact information

  • Northern agricultural administration office
    Telephone: 045-948-2480 fax: 045-948-2488
    Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  
  • Southern agricultural administration office
    Telephone: 045-866-8493 fax: 045-862-4351
    Naka Ward, Nishi Ward, Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward, Seya Ward
  • Agriculture promotion section leading figure support charge
    Telephone: 045-711-0637 fax: 045-721-6356
    Cattle farmer


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