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Yokohama, dream, Farmer

Last update date April 9, 2020

It is independent and authorizes woman concerned with for farming or local action as "Yokohama, dream, Farmer" to aim at "town Yokohama with "agriculture"" that scholar of woman agriculture works lively in Yokohama-shi and can live for and carries out system supporting positively.

Woman is the leading role of "agriculture", too

  1. Woman figure to aim at of dream, Farmer
  2. Support contents
  3. To receive authorization
  4. Term and support period
  5. The number of people of dream, Farmer

1.Woman figure to aim at of dream, Farmer

<woman figure to aim at>
Awareness as scholar of agricultureIt is independent by one who chose agriculture as occupation or farmhouse life and has awareness and pride as leading figure supporting local agriculture as nobody running.
Participation in planning to farmingWe show power to be able to have as member of family who works together, and lives and it is independent and participates in farming and acts for realization of rich living utilized good point of farmhouse.
Community development and woman companyIn Yokohama as urban agriculture area, we make use of viewpoint of dweller and aim at the making of job of community development and women with "agriculture" which deepened cooperation with consumers.
Participation in planning to orientationWe participate in place of various orientations about local agriculture positively.
The making of networkWe strengthen stronger bond and solidarity with woman scholar of agriculture comrade or woman of city side and aim at the making of network only by person of woman agriculture.

2.Support contents

Conduct of improvement in ability seminarWe give advice about plan about workshop and exchange meeting to hold voluntarily in area and perform support such as dispatching lecturer.
Support of group activityFor company activity and activity for the purpose of the training, interchange, information dispatch that group where "Yokohama, dream, Farmer" belongs to performs, we help advice and fund.
Support of international exchange activityAbout the overseas training and participation that can widen international field of vision in world meetings, we provide advice and financial support.
Support made with networkThrough interchange with inspection and new business to other areas, we promote the making of network with farmhouse woman comrade or woman of city side.

3.To receive authorization

1.Person, as a general rule, in women living in Yokohama-shi with age at the time of authorization 60 years or under.
2.Person engaging in agriculture or farmhouse household which works for farmhouse life and local activation in members positively.
3.With will to work on for aim that we showed on the top positively.

※Procedure for authorization depends on self-application from the person.
Please refer for person who wants to receive authorization to the following consultation counters.

4.Term and support period

5.The number of people of dream, Farmer

After having authorized 20 people in 1996 when business began in, we authorize five more every year.

The number of the authorized people as of 2019 is 130 (123 being on the register roll of them).
The yearThe number of the new authorized peopleThe number of the people of total authorization
199620 people20 people
1997Five people25 people
1998Five people30 people
1999Four people34 people
2000Five people39 people
2001Four people43 people
2002Three people46 people
2003Five people51 people
2004Four people55 people
2005Four people59 people
2006Six people65 people
2007Six people71 people
2008Five people76 people
2009Five people81 people
2010Seven people88 people
2011Four people92 people
2012Seven people99 people
2013Three people102 people
2014Three people105 people
2015Five people110 people
2016Five people115 people
2017Four people119 people
2018Six people125 people
2019Five people130 (123 number of the being on the register roll)

Inquiry counter

Please contact person in charge of following charge for "Yokohama, dream, Farmer" recognition system or concrete application method.
From scholar of woman agriculture of other cities interchange, and will be waiting.

Agriculture promotion section: Telephone: 045-671-2637
Northern agricultural administration office: Telephone: 045-948-2483
Southern agricultural administration office: Telephone: 045-866-8494

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