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Plan about promotion of reinforcement of farming base

Last update date December 21, 2018

1. "Basic policy" and "basic plan"

The metropolis and districts establish basic policy about promotion of reinforcement of farming base in cabinet ordinance by place to set about next ten years every about five years. The municipalities can set basic plan (as follows: basics plan) about promotion of reinforcement of farming base after having stood on local what's what in line with basic policy of the prefecture.
About making of basic plan, it is said that head of municipality must listen to opinion of agriculture committee and related agricultural cooperative.

2. Contents of "basic plan"

Yokohama-shi performed review of basic plan in line with basic policy about promotion of farming base reinforcement that Kanagawa devised in June, 2014 (the September 25, 2014 enforcement).
In this basic plan, six next matters are specified.
(1) Aim about promotion of reinforcement of farming base
(2) Method of scale of farming, index of effective and stable farming every farming type about production methods and management, state of agriculture engagement
(3) Aim about accumulation for for agricultural use geographical advantage for person running effective and stable farming
(4) Matter about farming base reinforcement promotion business
(5) Matter about use of farmland accumulation facilitation business
(6) Matter about young men who are going to run farming newly

Yokohama-shi basics plan (PDF: 543KB)

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