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Proof, reading at tax practice window

Last update date March 2, 2020

We can acquire various certificates in ward office, service counter in the city hall from April 1 in 2019 of property tax, urban planning tax.

Thing necessary for request

 Person needing the tax payment certificate, taxation certificate or land, house tax roll entry certificate of city tax, please request identity verification documents (in the case of corporation representative mark) from ward office after bringing.
In addition, please bring identity verification documents of documents to confirm that it is proxy/agent including proxy and the proxy/agent when proxy/agent applies on behalf of the person.

Identity verification documents

 In the case of request for proof about city tax, the presentation of identity verification documents with photograph of the face of public office issuance such as any of the following is necessary.

  • My number card (personal number card)
  • Driver's license
  • Passport (passport) or Basic Resident Register card with photograph
  • Residence card or special permanent resident certificate (certificate of alien registration)

 When you do not have these documents, point may identify plural identity verification documents such as "health insurance card and pension book".
For details, please confirm identity verification method nitsuiteogo at the time of tax practice proof application.


  • Evaluation proof of property taxService counter in the city hallThen please be careful as there is proof that proxy/agent application is not possible.
  • About the tax payment proof to affect city tobacco tax, bath tax, we cannot issue by ward office, service counter in the city hall. When the tax payment proof is acquired, we bring representative mark registered by all means and,Finance Bureau tax payment management sectionPlease request from this.


Fee of taxation certificate, the tax payment certificate
Type Unit Fee
Taxation certificate Per one 300 yen
The tax payment certificate Per one 300 yen

※We inspect continuously, and light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) tax payment certificate for name changes is free.
※As we may be enough with copy of tax payment notification and special collection amount of a tax notification replacing with taxation certificates depending on submission, it is convenient when we check in submission ahead and are used dego.
※We unify municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation certificates which we had in four kinds conventionally from June 1, 2010. For more details, we unify municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation certificates! Please see this.

Fee of evaluation certificate
Type Unit Fee
Land Because of 1 brush 300 yen
House register Per one piece 300 yen
Depreciable assets account book Per one piece 300 yen
Fee of house certificate (used house) for house
Unit Fee
Per one 1,300 yen

※We handle only at window of ward where the assets concerned are located.

 We can download application style of some certificates from Yokohama-shi homepage. From page of "proof of city tax", please see page of proof you like.


For more information about reference, window of each ward Tax Division, please refer to linked page of each ward.

List of each ward office
Ward officePhone number (main)E-Mail address
Aoba Ward045-978-2323[email protected]
Asahi Ward045-954-6161[email protected]
Izumi Ward045-800-2323[email protected]
Isogo Ward045-750-2323[email protected]
Kanagawa Ward045-411-7171[email protected]
Kanazawa Ward045-788-7878[email protected]
Konan Ward045-847-8484[email protected]
Kohoku Ward045-540-2323[email protected]
Sakae Ward045-894-8181[email protected]
Seya Ward045-367-5656[email protected]
Tsuzuki Ward  045-948-2323[email protected]
Tsurumi Ward045-510-1818[email protected]
Totsuka Ward045-866-8484[email protected]
Naka Ward045-224-8181[email protected]
Nishi Ward045-320-8484[email protected]
Hodogaya Ward045-334-6262[email protected]
Midori Ward045-930-2323[email protected]
Minami Ward045-341-1212[email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-2229

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