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Director General was paid a courtesy visit to village mayor and all of the Jubee Nakaiya honoring society from Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma!

Last update date January 31, 2020

 Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma concludes friendship interchange agreement with Naka Ward with honoring of "Jubee Nakaiya" who played an active part for the Yokohama opening of a port period in February, 2016 and carries out interchange.
 Because "Jubee Nakaiya" who is person who has rendered distinguished services of the Yokohama opening of a port reaches birth 200 years in this year, "Jubee Nakaiya honoring society" plays a key role and plans memory event in Tsumagoimura.
 Middle Director General was paid a courtesy visit to, and, toward commemorative event, the mayor of Tsumagoi-mura and all of you of "Jubee Nakaiya honoring society" performed exchange of opinions for future interchange and mutual attracting tourist.

We came over to the present head of a household others, all seven people for the mayor of Tsumagoi-mura, Jubee Nakaiya honoring society's chairperson, the Nakai-ya seventh generation.

We had you talk about plan of commemorative event from the mayor of Tsumagoi-mura for Jubee Nakaiya birth 200 years.

We had you suggest about history of silk and the cooperation system of exhibition from Matsumura, chairperson of Yokohama fiber promotion society.

Taking a ceremonial photograph with all the members gathering. We will plan further interchange from now on.

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