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Yokohama child citizen musical was held in Kannnai Hall

Last update date September 3, 2019

Yokohama child citizen musical "watashinoyume" was staged in Kannnai Hall on Sunday on Saturday, July 27, 2019, 28th.
It is story before image being born in motif in "Statue of a Little Girl With Red Shoes On" which is born in Yamashita Park, and reached the 40th anniversary.
Yokohama child citizen musical is the seventh year in this year.
We perform original musical by to twelfth grader publicly from kindergarten seniority every year.
What is one truth over there symbol "Statue of a Little Girl With Red Shoes On" of Yokohama?
... that one girl Miku who does not get friend at school, and cannot have dream either will know the truth
It is heartwarming musical to do odyssey more than the times.
As for four times of performances, each time was full.
All dazzled! It was interesting! We got spirit! In addition, we want to see!
We were impressed by growth and power of children! nado, questionnaire from 200 were sent.
You can look at digest version of this musical "watashinoyume" again in "hello Yokohama" of Sunday, October 13 King open space. (plan of around 10:00 - 30 minutes)

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