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We carried out graffiti * shio of anti-crime program patrol and Keikyu underpass steel sheet in the first yellow, Hinodecho district!

Last update date August 28, 2019

1 date and time
 Saturday, July 27, 2019 15:00-16:30

2 anti-crime program patrol routes
 Koganecho "Koban" (police box) - Koganecho Station - Hinodecho Station - Site-D assembly room

Delete 3 graffitis; conduct point
 Keikyu underpass steel sheet
①Koganecho side (from golden studio from ),② Hinodecho side (kaidan open space between Site-A Tinys)

4 contents
 In addition, by the first yellow, Hinodecho environment purification promotion meeting sponsorship, we performed graffiti * shio of Keikyu underpass steel sheet for anti-crime program patrol that we carried out on 27th every month.

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