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We enlightened "exercise to light the 69th society" and campaigned.

Last update date August 2, 2019

"Exercise to light society" enlightenment campaign was carried out this year at Isezaki mall.
All people deepen understanding about prevention of crime and delinquency and rebirth of people who committed a crime and "exercise to light society" joins forces in each position, and and it are nationwide exercise that is going to build criminal bright community which there is not. We developed activity as emphasis month in July and reached the 69th every year in this year.
In Naka Ward, member of "Naka Ward security/safety promotion association" comprised of middle protection host and Naka Ward rebirth protection woman society, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations plays a key role and is run plan.
We did while approach of typhoon was expected, but refreshing blue sky spread, and many participants gathered on that day.

We had you interest in many people while it was hot, and it was at opportunity to realize that security of Naka Ward was supported for local power on that day. With this activity, understanding spreads about rebirth of people who committed crime and prays for what bright society which there is not of crime and delinquency realizes.

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