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Basic policy about citizen cooperation in park

We devised basic policy about citizen cooperation in park that "people" (area, private business person) cooperated with "public" (city hall) and by to plan attractive up of park, to tie to sustainable growth of city and aimed at improvement in brand of Yokohama with qualitative improvement of civic life from "park".

Last update date May 18, 2020

We devised basic policy. (September, 2019)

The main story

Summary version

Press release material

About opinion offer conduct result for basic policy (draft)

I carried out opinion offer on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 from Monday, June 10, 2019 and received 102 opinions from 65 people. We appreciate your sending valuable opinion.
We announce opinion and way of thinking of Motoichi for opinion that we had.

Opinion offer conduct result

Basic policy (draft)

Press release material (at the time of opinion offer start)

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