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About electoral list

Last update date July 3, 2020

We cannot vote when not enrolled in electoral list
Let's send immediately if we move

It is enrolled in electoral list in ward living in four times a year (3.6.9 and December 1). In addition, we are registered temporarily when there is election.
In addition, special procedure is not necessary for registration to electoral list if we satisfy the next important matter.
1.Have Address in area of municipality living in.
2.; being Japanese citizens 18 years or older.
3.What is recorded to Basic Resident Register of the municipality sequentially more than three months from on day when resident certificate was made or day of report of transference (when we are transferred in the suburbs before it is enrolled in electoral list, it is enrolled in electoral list of municipality before transference after the transference if it is less than four months). In addition, we are summed up during 3-month period when we moved to in Yokohama-shi.
Electoral list enrollment

Attention! Registration of electoral list is carried out based on Basic Resident Register. Therefore, please perform reports such as transfers of Address by all means within 14 days from the day.

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