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Early vote (we mail in ballot box directly)

Last update date March 19, 2019

By revised (the December 1, 2003 enforcement) of the Public Officers Election Act, vote method before election date (election day) in municipality of list registration place includes early vote system in conventional absentee vote systems.

●Vote that is targeted for early vote
Vote in early votes place such as ward offices which board of elections of each ward (ward to live) enrolled in electoral list establishes

●Early vote being possible
・When there are work and school on election day
・When we go out on election day including leisure and trip
・When, for disease, childbirth, physical obstacle, it is difficult to walk
●Early vote place of each ward (please be careful in the vote start date, poll hour.)
Person who cannot go to polling place on election day in work or leisure with possibility, please use early vote system.
As I send "information for vote" in the case of election, take if it arrives. (we can vote without "information for vote".)
●Procedure that was simplified in early vote system
You became able to vote for ballot box directly as well as the day on election day.

  1. Mention to bill and written oath
    In the case of vote, submission of written oath of being anticipated that work or business fulfill constant reason on election day is necessary as well as conventional absentee vote.
    Private seal, identification card is not necessary.
  2. Submission to reception desk of bill and written oath
    After having collated with electoral list, I hand ballot.
  3. We list in ballot with mention stand.
  4. We mail in ballot box.

●Absentee vote system (vote with double envelope) remains, too.

□In municipality board of elections of accommodation or appointed hospital, nursing home, absentee vote is possible.
Vote in municipality where it is not enrolled in electoral list
Vote in facilities such as hospital, nursing home

□There is absentee vote by mail in and of need of nursing care 5 where there is defect in constant severeness to body at homes.
Absentee vote by mail

□Receptionist of absentee vote of person living in other cities goes at each ward office (ward board of elections).

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