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When we cannot go to polling place on election day

Last update date March 15, 2019

Even if there is work on election day, there is early vote, absentee vote even if we go for trip.


Person with plans such as work and trip, leisure look at the following on election day.

● Early vote (we mail in ballot box directly)
□ At ward offices to live, early vote is possible.
Early vote
(person who does not become 18 years old becomes absentee vote when we make early vote.)
● Absentee vote (vote with double envelope)
□ In municipality board of elections of accommodation or appointed hospital, nursing home, absentee vote is possible.
Vote in municipality board of elections which is not registered with electoral list
Vote in facilities such as hospital, nursing home
□ There is absentee vote by mail in and of need of nursing care 5 where there is defect in constant severeness to body at homes
Absentee vote by mail

● Early vote, absentee vote being possible

  • When there are work and school on election day
  • When we go out on election day including leisure and trip
  • When, for disease, childbirth, physical obstacle, it is difficult to walk

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