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About old he (maiden name) writing together to resident certificate, Seal Registration Certificate, my number card

Last update date September 30, 2019

Resident certificate, Seal Registration Certificate becomes able to write maiden names (old he) jointly to my number card from Tuesday, November 5, 2019.
When maiden names are written jointly in resident certificate, maiden names are written jointly to copying, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate, my number card and can use as identity verification documents when we use maiden name in various contracts and bank accounts.
In addition, Seal Registration is made in private seal expressing maiden name.

When you write maiden names jointly, please file for the following documents after bringing at window of ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section of ward to live.

  • koseki* (extract) book which maiden name to write jointly was listed in, joseki* (extract) book
  • Notice card or my number card (only as for the person you have)
  • Identity verification material (driver's license, passport, my number card)

The details, please identify following Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications HP.
About writing together of old him to resident certificate, my number card (the outside site)

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