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Planning permission to be less than the lowest of plottage

Last update date July 22, 2020


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Summary of system

  • In Yokohama-shi, we set the lowest of site scale about area having 100% or less of floor area ratio in the first-class second kind low-rise building exclusive residential districts, but regulations of 2 Paragraph 1 No. 3 of Building Standard Act Article 53 may make possible building with thing to divide site newly, and to build by receiving permission about thing meeting the following permission standards with the approval of building examination committee.
  • In addition, in any of building examination committee inclusion agreement standard, we can omit discussion to building examination committee and become after-the-fact report to building examination committee.
  • It revised building examination committee inclusion agreement standard about permission of 2 Paragraph 1 No. 3 of Building Standard Act Article 53 and operational standard partly. <H28.4.1>
    April, 2016 revision summary (PDF: 148KB)

※Always please see building certification Q & A4-7 about the handling of site that it was less than on day (the point of city planning decision after May 10, 1996) when the lowest of plottage was set.

Permission standard

Flow of procedure

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Prior consultation

Permission application

Building examination committee item

Change, withdrawal

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