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Permission (the Building Standard Act Article 52 Paragraph 14 first) of floor area ratio to affect facilities contributing to environmental load reduction

Last update date January 12, 2021

Summary of system

  • We set permission standard based on purpose of technical advice to plan promotion of introduction such as high efficiency hot water supply devices that we raised as part of "we make energy saving of building" which we raised for Yokohama-shi global warming measure area promotion plan revised in November, 2006 on operation of permission of floor area ratio by regulations of the Building Standard Act Article 52 Paragraph 14 first. (H19.4.1)
  • Of these, about the capacity permission of high efficiency hot water supply device space set up by house, we established building examination committee inclusion agreement standard and planned simplification, acceleration of procedure. (H21.1.13)
  • January 13, 2009 press release material (PDF: 120KB)Look at this.
  • It revised permission standards about permission of the Building Standard Act Article 52 Paragraph 14 first partly.Revised summary (PDF: 320KB)This is this. <H28.5.01>
  • It revised with correspondence to the new name of an era partly. Origin of <R. 8.26>

Permission standard

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