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Last update date August 24, 2020

On election day, facilities of election district where you are registered with electoral list become your polling place. (reference) list of last polling places
Poll hour is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Method of vote 

When work and business cannot go to polling place which there is on the day on election day, there is early vote, absentee vote.

(1) With early vote

Absentee vote desk work that we performed in conventional absentee vote systems in municipality board of elections of electoral list registration place was simplified by revision of the Public Officers Election Act and came to be able to put vote in the ballot box directly as well as election date, and name became "early vote", too.
In addition, about absentee vote (absentee vote in designated facility, ships such as hospital, nursing home and other municipality board of elections) at place except electoral list registration place, absentee vote by mail, we continue as "absentee vote system" sequentially. There was not change of name, but vote period was changed.

Please see Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage about early vote in detail.

(2) Early vote, absentee vote being possible

●When there are work and school on election day
●When we go out on election day including leisure and trip
●When, for disease, childbirth, physical obstacle, it is difficult to walk
●When we move from the present Address to different district and outside of a ward, suburbs of polling place by the day on election day or we have already moved

(3) Vote period

When early vote, absentee vote is from the next day of public announcement day or notification day to the day before of election date together, it becomes.

(4) Vote place

In Yokohama-shi, we assume each 18 wards of ward offices early vote place.
We may do early vote any place other than the ward office.

It is this about work, vote in municipality of destination
It is this about hospitalization, vote in hospital and nursing home entering

Person with severe disorder has system of "absentee vote by mail" to body. Eligible people of absentee vote by mail were extended, and "substitute mention system" was founded in addition by some revisions of the Public Officers Election Act.

(1) Postal person who can vote

In certificate of the physically disabled catching grant, degree of obstacle corresponds to reason below
Immunity, liver disorderThe first grade - third grade
Both lower limbs, human trunk, moving function failure※The first grade or the second grade
Heart, kidney, respiratory organs, bladder, rectum, small intestinal obstacleThe first grade or the third grade

※When it is admitted that walk is impossible definitely by person with a physical disability medical certificates, "only lower limbs dysfunction and listed person may correspond to human trunk dysfunction (the second grade) in piece" to certificate of the physically disabled. In addition, having war wound disability certificate, mail can vote for person with impaired constant severeness to body.

We correspond to reason below in person requiring nursing cares (person receiving grant of identification of person insured) in Nursing Care Insurance Law
Need of nursing care 5

(2) Mail files for grant application of vote certificate

For board of elections of municipality where elector belonged, elector signed; "mail attaches either of certificate of the physically disabled, war disabled notebook or identification of insured person of The Long-term Care Insurance to vote certificate grant application", and apply.
For validity of "certificates such as votes such as mail" of person requiring nursing care, it is from day of grant to the last day for validity of authorization of need of nursing care 5 listed in identification of person insured of The Long-term Care Insurance. Of "vote certificate as for the mail" except person requiring nursing care, on expiration date, is seven years from day of grant. When time limit expires, application of re-grant is necessary.
※Application prints out PDF file (PDF: 50KB), and please use.

(3) Method of vote

When election is held, "bills such as ballots" are sent to elector receiving grant of "vote certificate as for the mail". You fill in required items, and please send back to arrive at board of elections within four days before election date. As ballot is sent, please send back ballots to ballot after mention.
※Bill needs signature of the elector.

(4) Substitution mention system

Absentee vote who further corresponds to the next important matter in eligible people by mail can let person of substitution mention one (person having the right to vote) that we reported to board of elections of ward beforehand do mention about vote.

Object of substitution mention system
Person who receives grant of certificate of the physically disabledDegree of the arms or optic obstacle is the first grade
Person who receives grant of war disabled notebookFrom clause symptom special degree of the arms or optic obstacle to Paragraph 2 symptom

We give "mail to grant application of vote certificate" to perform vote by law of nature mention, and it is necessary to perform certification procedure of being eligible people of substitute mention system and procedure of notification of person that it should be substitution mention person beforehand. We can perform these procedures at the same time. In addition, as for "the mail, signature to vote certificate grant application" becomes needless when "mail performs proof procedure for being eligible people of substitution mention system with grant application of vote certificate".

Please see Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage about postal vote in detail.

It is system that can vote only for national election when we enroll in overseas electoral list in Japanese living in foreign country.

(1) Person who can register to overseas electoral list

In Japanese of 18 years or older (reduced to 18 years old by national election made public after June 19, 2016.), people living in jurisdiction of consul having jurisdiction over Address in person have qualifications to register with overseas electoral list sequentially more than three months.

(2) The way of registration application

Please submit application to window of government establishment abroad. As a general rule, it becomes registration in board of elections of the last Address place in Japan.
(as for birth, person who has not lived in Japan and the left the country by 1994, it is registration in permanent address in foreign territory.)

(3) Method of vote

There are three kinds of methods. Person having overseas election testimony of a witness can vote by either method below.
Oh, we go to government establishment abroad enforcing government establishment abroad vote ... overseas ballot and vote.
We mail direct vote paper to the electoral list registered municipality Electoral Management Committee in i mail vote ... Japan.
We show overseas election testimony of a witness till we are registered with domestic electoral list after case and returning home that returned home at the time of vote ... election in own country at one time on cormorant day and, from the next day on public announcement (notification) day to the day before in election date, vote by procedure, as a general rule, same as domestic early vote, absentee vote. In addition, person registered with overseas electoral list of Tsurumi Ward is available for vote only at Tsurumi Ward government office (3-20-1, Tsurumichuo, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi). (at 2017)
※As you cannot vote, any place other than the appointed polling place of ward registered overseas electoral list with, please be careful. (as for the situation of other wards this)
Please see Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage about overseas election in detail.

It is absentee vote system for sailor getting on designated ship.
It is necessary for electoral list registration certificate to be issued beforehand by board of elections of municipality with electoral list to perform marine vote.

For more details, please see Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage.

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