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Bright election promotion meeting

Last update date August 13, 2019

Election promotion meeting that Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage Tsurumi Ward is well acquainted with

Bright election promotion meeting?

It is independence group working on for "improvement of turnout" and "realization of beautiful election without injustice".

What kind of activity do you carry out?

At the time of election, we perform street enlightenment to call for vote participation while distributing enlightenment article.
In addition, we usually develop enlightenment activity to consult with about improvement of vote participation awareness through various opportunities including inhabitant of a ward festival.

 Activity of election promotion meeting that Tsurumi Ward is well acquainted with

Election mascot "ikotto" of Yokohama-shi


His name that appears in many places in the city when election approaches, and calls for vote is ikotto.
ikotto which was born in 1988 (Showa 63) images lighthouse lighting up tomorrow of Yokohama-shi brightly.
The name is decided from about 2,000 points of sent plans by citizen. We come from "line kotto" for election literally.

Rental of election device

It is ... to the ... primary, junior high and high schools staff of a school

In election promotion meeting that Tsurumi Ward is well acquainted with, we loan all year flag flag, cord, armband, badge to use for election campaign including ballot box, mention stand. We can have students have an experience near real election by using such a vote device.
You are interested in election while you have an experience near genuine article and face seriously, and, as good opportunity to learn importance, significance of election, please use vote device rental by all means.
For more details, to General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section, please refer.

Rental device

  1. Mention stand
  2. Ballot box
  3. Cord
  4. Armband for campaigner
  5. Armband for board of elections
  6. White rose badge
  7. Upbound flag
  8. Flagpole

Please see Yokohama-shi board of elections homepage about bright election in detail.

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