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Residence tax after Q3 Retirement…

Last update date November 18, 2020

I resign from company in November, 2019 and am jobless afterwards. We were thinking that it was all tax paid for residence tax that we paid from salary paid in Retirement in a lump, and "municipal tax, prefectural tax tax payment notification" has been sent in June, 2020. Is there not this with payment twice?

Please pay.
As for the residence tax of company work, from June in the next year in year when income occurred for the amount of annual tax of resident tax calculated with income of the previous year by standard;, until May in the next year, divide into 12 times a year again, and depend on method of special collection to have put in the case of payment of monthly salary.
Because residence tax that had you put in Retirement in a lump was imposed on income in 2018 by you and was zanzeigaku of residence tax collected every month from June, 2019 and was not deducted from salary of company for Retirement, we had you put from salary in Retirement in a lump.
On the other hand, in the case of you, residence tax suffers for income in the meantime in the next year as there is salary that received payment from company where we worked at from January, 2019 to November, 2019. Therefore the tax payment notification had been sent to have you put from June, 2020 and was not taxed redundantly.

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