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Is "hometown tax" enacted in Q15 Yokohama citizens in Yokohama-shi?

Last update date November 18, 2020

You live in Yokohama-shi, can you hold hometown tax (contribution) for local activation in Yokohama-shi?

In Yokohama-shi, we raise your feeling to "want to support Yokohama" widely regardless of the city, the suburbs and can choose utilization ahead among various contribution menus.
In addition, we do not send return grade about contribution from to live in Yokohama-shi to Motoichi, but, with revisions of Local Tax Law, there is thing which is for living in Yokohama-shi including invitation to briefing session from June 1, 2019 with it is some contribution menus.
Please confirm page of "hometown tax" to Yokohama-shi about the details such as application methods.

In addition, we become a target of subtraction as contribution that exception subtraction of donation tax credit can receive as hometown tax is considered to be contribution (targeted for exception subtraction) for the metropolis and districts, municipality when Yokohama-shi residence donates for Yokohama-shi. In contribution amounts of money, we can receive residence tax, subtraction of income tax as limit with constant amount of money about part more than amount of application lower limit 2,000 yen. We have you perform final income tax return to receive donation subtraction, or it is necessary for corresponding to report exception to have you submit report exception application.

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