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Property tax when we demolished Q10 house and had parking lot…

Last update date November 18, 2020

After demolishing old single-family house built on land (162 square meters) which I own in last August, and doing in parking lot in last December, property tax became higher this year than last year, but why is it?

In the case of your land, exception (reduction measures) of standard of assessment was applied as residential land until last year, but was not able to receive exception of residential land this year as we demolished house, and the present was taken advantage of as parking lot on January 1, this year (levy date).
It seems with thing by the amount of a tax increase by your land not having been able to receive special provision of residential land from the amount of a tax decrease by it having demolished house that property tax rose in comparison with last year having been bigger.
We change the use of land of as above, and, as for person made demolition or the house that new construction, the enlargement of house was done, property tax, urban planning tax changes from the next fiscal year. As taxation statement is attached in the tax payment notification of property tax, urban planning tax, please confirm contents.
In addition, annual report is necessary as property tax is levied on structures such as asphalt pavement for depreciable assets when we use this parking lot for business use.
Until property tax charge of ward office Tax Division of ward where the fixed assets concerned are located about land, house, please contact Yokohama-shi depreciable assets center (Phone: 045-671-4384) about depreciable assets if you have any questions about case and taxation statement which change was about land, the use situation of house other than report of depreciable assets.

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