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Property tax when a part of the Q13 land is used as road is ...

Last update date November 18, 2020

A part of the land is used as some roads, and the unspecified number of people pass freely. Does property tax reduce?

We arrange no limitation, and it is used widely by the unspecified number of people and, about land which owner does not acquire rental, and corresponds to constant condition, can receive tax-free application about road part as "road to offer for one of the community" concerned by application of owner.
When you are going to receive tax-free application, you attach "information which can identify area about road part concerned" to "application about road for the community", and please apply.
Window of prior consultation and application becomes Land Section of ward office Tax Division of ward where land is located.
(you can download "application about road for the community" from Yokohama-shi electron application service (outside site).)

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