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Is residence tax of Q1 Yokohama-shi high?

Last update date November 20, 2020

I am person who moved in to Yokohama-shi in June, 2019, is residence tax of Yokohama-shi higher than other cities?

Residence tax (municipal tax, prefectural tax) becomes higher than other municipalities.
Residence tax is levied on income in the previous year in the municipalities with Address as of January 1. When he/she lives in Yokohama-shi from June, 2019, residence tax is levied in Yokohama-shi from 2020.
We protect green and, in Yokohama-shi, make by place to fix for the regulations from 2009 and have citizen's as a part of important resources of "Yokohama green up plan" to push forward approach to bring up bear "Yokohama green tax". Therefore, the amount of a tax of municipal tax per capita rate rises by 900 yen than other municipalities in the year.
In addition, in Kanagawa, excess taxation "water source environmental conservation tax" for prefectural tax is carried out for maintenance, reproduction of water source environment by place to fix for the regulations from 2007. Therefore, the amount of a tax of prefectural tax rises than city under other metropolis and districts where the municipalities under Kanagawa exceed and do not tax (in addition, it is decided that the municipalities levy to municipal tax by law and collect prefectural tax.) .
In addition, by transfer of tax revenue sources from prefectures to designated city, standard tax rate of personal municipal tax, prefectural residence tax income percent becomes 8% of municipal tax, 2% of prefectural residence tax in designated city including Yokohama-shi. Standard tax rate of municipality except designated city becomes 6% of municipal tax, 4% of prefectural residence tax, and the total of tax rate of municipal tax and prefectural residence tax does not change with 10%.

※Calculation method or tax rate of residence tax are established all in law called Local Tax Law. However, more than special standard tax rates to fix for Local Tax Law by the regulations when it is necessary financial in the local public entity can tax by excess tax rate.

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