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We hold Yokohama housing complex reproduction consortium fourth symposium on January 23

Last update date December 25, 2020

Press release material

December 25, 2020

Housing and Architecture Bureau house reproduction section

Tadayoshi Kato

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 In "Yokohama housing complex reproduction consortium", public housing groups cooperate and by enlightening the spread of approaches of housing complex reproduction, promote housing complex reproduction and aim at sustainable town development.
 We start symposium in 2017 every year and, in 2020, perform under the theme of activation by attractive discovery, dispatch of housing complex.
 From the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we hold in online format (Zoom uebina) and introduce approach sending charm of Keynote Speech by Professor Kyoko Yamaya of Kanagawa University working on much housing complex reproduction based on the study results of city planning and town development in the city and housing complex by woman who local, plays an active part.

Press release material

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Building living in an apartment servants of a powerful family in ancient times house reproduction section

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Telephone: 045-671-2954

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