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[press release] (tentative name) raise opinions of citizen's all of you about the main point of the regulations plan about appropriate management such as Yokohama-shi vacant houses!

Last update date September 11, 2020

Press release material

September 11, 2020

Housing and Architecture Bureau Building Guidance Division

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 Following the fact that "special measures law about promotion of measures such as vacant houses" (the following, "law") was enforced in May, 2015, we promote measures such as general vacant houses based on "measures plan such as Yokohama-shi vacant houses" (February, 2016 development, February, 2019 revision) in Motoichi.
 Vacant houses that appropriate management is not carried out adversely affects living environment of neighboring inhabitants, and, moreover, we pushed forward instruction reinforcement to owners and approach of assistance measures, but further measures are necessary to cause danger to life and body by collapse until now while it is expected that vacant houses will increase in future.
 Therefore we make duties such as owners clear and promote voluntary improvement. In addition, cases that there are not owners allow them to take measures that the government evades danger for emergency when serious danger approaches by detachment of outer wall. We carry out public comment to recruit opinions of citizens widely as we compiled the main point of the regulations plan about these.

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