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The first moving sale using parking lots of Yokohama Municipal Housing starts in "3 houses of Konan Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Isogo Ward"!

Last update date September 25, 2020

Press release material

September 25, 2020

Housing and Architecture Bureau Municipal Housing section

Tatsushi Teraguchi

Phone number 045-671-3665

Fax: 045-641-2756

 As shopping support to people having difficulty in shopping, trial carries out the first moving sale using parking lots of Yokohama Municipal Housing in Konan Ward, Hodogaya Ward, 3 houses of Isogo Ward from October.
 Sale company which received local intention sells around one time a week, food, lunch, daily necessities by moving sale car.
 From the viewpoint of local inclusion care, we can do shopping in peace in area where elderly people lived so long and push forward approach of assisting of local bustle and inhabitants and, by movement sale the outdoors, are expected as prevention of new model coronavirus infection spread.

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Telephone: 045-671-2923

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