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"Energy saving" and "health" are connected by 15 seconds! "Our insulation was airtight, and video released health promotion" (all three)!

Last update date December 8, 2020

Press release material

December 8, 2020

Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Planning Division


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In Yokohama-shi, we work on saving energy of house for realization of zero carbon Yokohama.
We made video which introduced merit to be connected to health promotions such as the "allergy measures" that high insulation, high airtight energy saving house was provided with "heat-contrast shock prevention" to have citizen's all of you know merit of energy saving house for promotion of saving energy of house.
We are released on Yokohama-shi website and broadcast with Yokohama-shi government building digital signage sequentially.

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The Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture leadership architecture Planning Division

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Telephone: 045-671-4526

Fax: 045-550-3513

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